The Wild Within: A History of Bristol Zoo

Feb 19, 2019

Dr Andy Flack spent three years immersed in the largely unexplored archives of Bristol Zoo, examining our involvement with animals as spectacles and as commodities and our interest in them on both scientific and emotional levels.

Dr Flack is now a lecturer in modern & environmental history at the University of Bristol. His talk will look at the development of the Zoo since 1846 and consider familiar stories in different ways.

Although the Zoo is an integral and much loved part of Clifton, many of us know little about its history other than fond memories of childhood rides on Rosie the elephant and in a little cart drawn by a llama. This is an opportunity to learn a great deal more.

As usual, the talk will be held at the Apostle Room, Clifton Cathedral, beginning at 8pm, with doors open at 7.30pm, and the customary refreshments will be available.

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