Goldney Gardens

Jun 25, 2019

You may wonder why we are having a visit to a local garden that many you will have seen and enjoyed before.

One of the reasons is that we wanted our members to be amongst the first to see the recently installed 'Castaway' statue by sculptor Frank Benson.

This is a life sized bronze representation of Alexander Selkirk, the late 16th century mariner said to be the inspiration behind Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. The connection with Goldney House is that Selkirk was rescued from his desert island by Captain Woods Rogers, one of whose backers was Thomas Goldney.

This will be a guided tour so we will learn about the history of these beautiful and newly restored gardens.

The cost is £6. Places must be booked in advance by contacting RoseMary Musgrave. The tour will start at 2pm.

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