Parking Problems in Clifton Village Zone

Aug 19, 2016

Why are residents STILL experiencing difficulty parking on some streets in Clifton, despite living in so-called 'residents only' zones?

Just take a look at the permits on the cars parked on your street. Do they bear the names of local businesses? Then the chances are that they are not even business permits but CUSTOMER PERMITS. And no, the driver is NOT a customer but a commuting worker, parking there all day and every day.

You may not be aware that the City Council has issued hundreds of these permits to businesses in the Clifton Village zone and say that they can be used on ANY VEHICLE.

How can a member of staff possibly be a customer? The clear answer is that he cannot possibly fall within the definition of a customer and that it is, therefore, illegal for him to be using a customer permit.

Unfortunately for residents, BCC seems to think otherwise. How, we wonder, can the Council possibly justify its position?

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