Former W.H. Smith site in Clifton: What Now?

Nov 5, 2016

The unveiling of the latest plans for this site, held in Clifton Library on October 31st, was well attended, reflecting the concerns that residents have for the redevelopment of this prominent site.

THAT Group showed us three very similar plans; each was of a tall, rather dull and featureless modern block which differed from the others only in exterior finish, being glass, metal and brick respectively.

CHIS planning group members were disappointed with these new plans and found the building proposed to be unworthy of this important site in the Clifton Conservation Area. Any new building here must be subservient to and enhance the setting of the important listed buildings which surround it.

The developers have arranged to meet with CHIS on December 19th. Dare we hope that a better scheme will be proposed?

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