On-Street Bicycle Hangars

Jan 29, 2017

CHIS has been contacted by Bristol City Council inviting comments on proposals to site two Bicycle Hangars within the Conservation Area, one opposite 13, Cornwallis Crescent and the other at the side of 17, Cornwallis Avenue.

These metal structures, resembling corrugated Anderson air raid shelters, will be positioned in the road with two protective staggered bollards at each end and be surrounded by double yellow lines. In all, the kerbside space required will be 5metres, necessitating the loss of two car parking spaces.

Each hangar will house six bicycles and cost £1500, plus £2000 of highway works. In addition there will be, undisclosed, administrative support costs from BCC, estimated by some to be as high as £35000. It is said that the service life expectancy of each hangar is only three years. The cost to rent a bicycle space will be £65+VAT per annum.

Surprisingly, planning consent will not be needed for these sheds as they are apparently 'street furniture' which the highway authority can install under 'permitted development' legislation.

CHIS's view of these unsightly sheds was publicised several months ago in the local press. We consider them to be unsightly structures which will have an extremely negative visual impact on any street in which they are located. They will be especially incongruous in a conservation area.

It is shocking and undemocratic that these ugly sheds can be positioned wherever BCC chooses, regardless of public opinion and that of residents directly affected.

The hangars will occupy two parking spaces in areas where car parking is already difficult. The fact, often ignored by the cycling fraternity, is that for many Clifton residents car ownership is indispensable and on-street parking unavoidable.

It is inevitable that the appearance of these sheds will be further degraded by vandalisation and the daubing of graffiti.

It is amazing that at a time when BCC is having to make enormous financial cuts there appears to be funds available for a scheme of this sort.

Clifton is not the only area affected; there are plans to locate these hangars on residential streets all round the City. We urge you to make your views known to your local councillors.

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