Footbridge across Bridge Valley Road

Feb 11, 2018

Although Dr Adrienn Tomor's planning application to build a foot/cycle bridge over Bridge Valley Rd was, last year, granted on appeal, it is still uncertain whether the project will proceed.

There are as yet two enormous obstacles to be overcome. First, sufficient funds must be raised, not only to build the bridge, but also to pay for its future maintenance. Secondly, the consent of the landowners needs to be obtained.

Dr Tomor was present at a recent meeting of the Downs Committee when it was decided that permission to commence construction would not be given until the funding was in place.

CHIS has always been firmly opposed to this bridge which has been described by some as a 'vanity project'. Not only will it fail to solve the problems experienced by motorists at this junction but the infrastructure leading to it will cause enormous damage, especially to The Promenade. It is probable that many of those who support the project have not taken into account the fact that the long, ugly, concrete ramps leading to the bridge would cause the loss of a large number of mature trees, shrubs and attractive greenery which contribute to the rustic and magical atmosphere of this beautiful part of Clifton.

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