Former W.H. Smith site in Clifton

Mar 5, 2018

The exhibition by THAT Group on February 15th revealed plans for yet another tall, modern building, not dissimilar to those we have previously rejected.

Almost any replacement could scarcely fail to be an improvement on the existing squalid mess in which these developers have been allowed to leave this prominent site. The danger is that residents and planners will, as a result, be tempted to accept the modernist and visually threatening block now proposed, simply to remove the present slum.

However many terraces, trees and tweaks the developers propose, there is no concealing the fact that any three storey, uninspired, modern building on this site will be over-dominant, fail to respond in any way to surrounding listed and historic buildings and certainly not protect or enhance the Clifton Conservation Area. Surrounding streets will be made to seem like dark tunnels and interesting façades completely obscured from view.

Is it right meekly to accept the principle of a massive edifice on this spot where previously there were low cottages, followed by the now half demolished single storey 1960's building?

CHIS considers that the present proposals have the potential to cause such significant harm to Clifton Village that they should be vigorously resisted.

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