Parking in the Clifton Village Zone

Jul 3, 2018

CHIS continues to monitor parking, particularly in the CV zone. Our ward councillors organised meeting on July 3rd which was attended by BID representatives, other local business people and representatives of local residents' groups, including CHIS and MGRA.

Several streets were identified where there are usually plenty of free parking spaces during the day and where businesses could park without inconveniencing residents. A number of businesses, including Hartnell, Taylor & Cooke, Engineers House and Stride Treglown, have agreed to request their staff to park in those streets. Cllr O'Rourke is doing further research into this option and it is possible that BID would be prepared to fund more research to provide evidence for changes at the council's next RP review.

Representatives expressed fears that their businesses could not survive if their present allocation of permits is reduced. Consequently councillors promised that the status quo would be maintained for the time being and their permits renewed for another year.

It was mentioned that BCC has not provided details of the number of permits in circulation and the number of parking spaces in the CV zone but most suspect that the former well exceed the latter. In the absence of a large car park in the Village there is always going to be a problem. CHIS has for many years advocated the construction of a car park and had proposed that one be built on the former Windmill & Lewis site (now Contemporis) but BCC always say that there is no money available. Perhaps funds should be set aside from the huge profits brought in by the RP scheme in this zone.

CHIS brought up at the meeting the increasing problem of the misuse of visitor scratch cards. The councillors agreed to look into this.

It had been suggested at a previous meeting that the council-owned multi storey car park at Jacobs Wells be brought into full use by lowering the charges for local business people. Councillors told the meeting that BCC would not hear of this, despite the fact that the upper floors of the car park are almost always empty. CHIS considers that this option should be further pursued.

Some business representatives thought that a maximum of 2 parking permits per household would be sufficient and that rules regarding the issue of permits to students and to those living in HMOs should be properly enforced, which appears not to be the case at present.

CHIS is mindful of the fact that without some parking provision many businesses, both shops and offices, cannot survive in Clifton. Clearly, it would be detrimental to the area if they were to be lost. Many businesses say that they have already done much to cut down on-street parking by their staff and since the introduction of RP the parking situation has certainly been improved for many residents. There is still more to be done and CHIS is happy that the ward councillors are continuing to explore new options to improve the situation for residents and businesses alike.

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