Mortimer House: Update

Dec 25, 2018

The planning dispute regarding the parking of cars at Mortimer House seems set to continue.

Initially, consent was granted for the parking of six vehicles in what had been the front garden of this listed house. The owners, Cedar Homes, subsequently decided that parked vehicles would be better hidden behind the house on what remained of its back garden, most of which had already been developed for housing and parking. They submitted a planning application to park ten vehicles there, with careful screening and landscaping and to restore the front garden.

This application, and a subsequent similar one, was supported by BCC planners but, surprisingly, refused by its planning committee. As a result Cedar Homes appealed against this decision and, in November, it was announced that their appeal had been successful.

A close neighbour is now seeking leave to apply for a judicial review of the appeal decision on the ground of procedural irregularities. It remains to be seen whether such leave will be granted and, if so, whether the neighbour would be able to proceed with such an action, as a recent article in Bristol24/7 has revealed that he is seeking crowd funding to do so.

CHIS has, from the very beginning, taken the view that it is vitally important to restore Mortimer House's historic front garden, thereby to enhance its handsome and prominent façade and to keep it clear of unsightly parked vehicles. The front gardens of the other important houses in the road have already been lost to parking so this is the last chance to conserve the front as it was meant to be seen.

Mortimer House was in urgent need of extensive and expensive repair when Cedar Homes purchased it. Rain was coming in through the roof. Internal plasterwork was crumbling. Developers did not want it as it was unsuitable for conversion into flats. It had already lost most of its rear garden to residential development. Its future was beginning to seem bleak. Cedar Homes has saved this heritage asset and has expended a very considerable sum of money upon its extensive and careful restoration. They will use the building as their headquarters. CHIS applauds their important contribution to Clifton's historic heritage.

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