Bridge Valley Road Viaduct.

Sep 28, 2019

CHIS has been asked what the present position is regarding the plans to build a stone foot/cycle bridge over Bridge Valley Road.

Despite opposition from many, including CHIS, the application was granted at appeal on 16th October 2017. However, the Planning Inspector attached 14 conditions to the consent, some of which contain sub-conditions. Before work may start on site, an application for each condition must have been received, approved and considered by BCC, within 5 years, i.e. by 16th October 2022. BCC may take 4 months or so to consider an application for discharge of a condition.

No application for discharge has yet been received by BCC. It is worth noting that to discharge some of the conditions the applicant must spend time, effort and money.

Further, we do not yet know the result of the Common Land application. The inspection took place on September 24th so we may expect to hear at around Christmas time.

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