Threat to Trees at Pembroke Vale

Oct 31, 2019

There are concerns about a planning application (ref: 19/04707/F) to replace two garages in what was the back garden of 79 Pembroke Rd, and fronting Pembroke Vale, with a two storey modern house.

Backfill of this sort is usually inappropriate and incongruous in the conservation area but our main concern here is that this development would put at risk two mature London plane trees. The new house, unlike others in the street which are set well back from the road, directly abuts the pavement on two sides and would be less than a metre away from the trees.

Even the arboricultural assessment report submitted in support of the application concludes that 'the potential for adverse impact to the health and viability of these trees is very high...' and recognises the risk to the plane trees mainly from root severance and soil impaction.

Pembroke Vale is one of only 18 streets in Clifton with street trees. Not only does their visual amenity form part of its essential character but their beneficial effect on emissions should not be ignored.

Although objections should have been submitted by today, the BCC website is still open for comments and we urge members who value our precious trees to object without delay. Your views can be placed directly on the planning website, emailed to or posted to City Hall, P.O. Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS.

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