Requiem for a Tree

May 9, 2020


The beautiful, 24m. high, copper beech tree which had stood in the garden of Norland House in Canynge Road for 200 years is no more. It was felled this week, amidst much controversy.

Bristol City Council had accepted that the tree was in so parlous a state as to justify its removal under an emergency '5 Day Notice'. A number of residents doubted this and thought that independent evidence ought to have been obtained, whilst others were content to accept that the tree had indeed come to the end of its life. Some alleged that the Council had failed correctly to follow legal procedure and should be held to account to prevent other trees suffering the same fate.

What is certain is that a magnificent tree has gone for ever and our environment is the poorer for its loss. It is, however, good news that a replacement tree must be planted and CHIS dares hope that a fairly mature specimen might be considered rather than the minimum requirement of a small sapling.

Photos Ian Sutherland Carolyn Shaw

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