CHIS monitors all licensing applications for BS8 and opposes those that appear to be unsuitable and those that would give rise to nuisance, usually noise, for residents.

New applications and proposed changes can be found at:
— then scroll down to Downloadable Files. This site also provides the contact details for the Licensing Office.

Bristol City Council explains Applications for the grant and variation of premises licences, and the various types of licence issued, at BCC: Licences and permits. Current licences, club premises certificates and proposed changes can be seen at BCC: Licensing Act 2003 - Current applications under 'Public notification of grant applications or Public notification of variation applications'.

This site also provides the contact details for the Licensing Office.

  1. To oppose an application for a new licence

    Your reasons for opposition must be related to at least one of the four licensing objectives:

    • The prevention of crime and disorder.
    • Public safety.
    • The prevention of public nuisance.
    • The protection of children from harm.

    The Police usually deal with the first two and the fourth is rarely relevant, leaving the prevention of public nuisance. This includes the likelihood of noise from within or on departure from premises, vandalism, fumes from cooking, invasive bright lighting etc.

  2. To oppose an application for variation (usually an increase in hours)

    The reasons for opposing are the same as for a new licence. It is useful to have a record showing evidence (with dates) if there has been any previous or existing nuisance.

  3. Request for a licence to be reviewed

    This is a potentially effective power for residents to get some positive action on premises causing problems.

If any licensed premises starts to cause you regular problems then you have the right to give notice to the licence holder of the premises and the Licensing Authority that you are calling for the licence to be reviewed. This can result in a range of sanctions — new conditions can be imposed, the hours or activities cut back. The licence can be suspended for a while or even removed.

The onus is on you to initiate the review. The grounds and reasons for making such a request have to follow the four Licensing Objectives listed above.

CHIS is here to support its members so please let me know if you are opposing an application.

RoseMary Musgrave Tel: 0117 973 1704 (15 Guardian Court, Suspension Bridge Road, Bristol BS8 4AN)

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