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Bristol's Tree Champions

Jan 15, 2016

Nature in BS8


Clifton and Hotwells are fortunate to be adjacent to some of the best parkland and natural habitats in the country. However, in terms of green spaces, CHIS generally restricts its remit to the public squares and gardens within the urban parts of BS8.

Communal Gardens of Clifton

We have a page on the Communal Gardens of Clifton.

CHIS involvement

CHIS is directly involved with the upkeep of St Andrew’s Churchyard, organises the annual Green Squares and Secret Gardens event, and contributes to Bristol in Bloom. CHIS has funded the planting of many trees on Clifton Green, most recently a rare Red Maple in March 2015. It maintains a watching brief on planning applications, and the Tree Warden, Richard Bland, offers advice to members about maintenance and planting.

CHIS Nature Guides

CHIS committee member Richard Bland has written three guides to the natural aspects of Clifton & Hotwells.

The Downs, Avon Gorge and Leigh Woods

We suggest you contact some of the organisations listed below if you would like to get involved with other aspects of the natural environment around Clifton and Hotwells.

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