Beryl Cook OBE (1926-2008) On December 9th 2020 a memorial CHIS plaque to the artist Beryl Cook OBE was installed at The Coach House, 1A Camp Road, Clifton, where she lived for four years. A celebration wasn’t possible during the pandemic. The sun was shining and there was a refreshing breeze on Saturday, July 9th at 11am, when the plaque was at last dedicated by the Lord-Lieutenant of the City & County of Bristol, Mrs Peaches Golding OBE CStJ. This was followed by an excellent talk by Peter Slade, who knew the artist well and used to sell her paintings at the Alexander Gallery on Blackboy Hill. He recalled many amusing anecdotes which kept the thirty attendees highly amused. The party then walked the short distance to the Brunel Room at the Avon Gorge Hotel. Here we heard more memories of Beryl from Peter and enjoyed canapés and coffee/tea with a wonderful view of Brunel’s Suspension

Dr Beryl Corner (1910-2007) On 23rd April, 2020, a green commemorative plaque was erected at Elton House, Rodney Place, Clifton, to honour the pioneer paediatrician, Dr Beryl Corner OBE, JP, MD, FRCP, FRCPH, MD Hon (Bristol), DSc Hon (UWE). Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the formal dedication ceremony could not take place at the time.

On Saturday June 25th 2022, the postponed celebration at last took place with Mrs Linda Edwards, the Deputy Chairman of CHIS, acting as master of ceremonies. The plaque was dedicated by the City of Bristol's High Sheriff, Alex Raikes MBE, DL (Hon LLD). Professor Bhupinder Sandhu OBE, a paediatrician who knew Dr Corner, gave a short talk about her remarkable life and achievements.

We were fortunate to hold the celebration in Dr Corner's former home, courtesy of another paediatrician, Dr Pamela Cairns, who also knew Beryl.

The gathering of about thirty folk included some relatives, one of her first patients, many professional colleagues, friends and CHIS members.

Angela Carter (1940-1992) In September 2020, a green CHIS commemoration plaque was erected at 38, Royal York Crescent, Clifton, to honour the novelist, poet and journalist Angela Carter, who lived in the ground floor flat from 1961 to 1969. Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to have a celebration at that time.

On Saturday 26th March 2022, over thirty people gathered at the house for the official dedication. Brian Worthington, the Chairman of CHIS, was the master of ceremonies. The dedication was done by the Lord-Lieutenant of the County and City of Bristol Mrs Peaches Golding OBE CStJ. Professor Marie Mulvey-Roberts, from the University of the West of England (UWE), an expert on Angela, gave a short talk about her literary life whilst in Bristol. Amongst the gathering were members of the Angela Carter Society, academics from UWE and Bristol University, representatives from the Wise Children Theatre Company, as well as neighbours and CHIS members. Afterwards, we made the short walk to Coppa in Regent Street, for refreshments, and to continue our conversations.

Mary Renault (1905-1983 )

On Saturday October 16th 2021, at the main gates of Clifton High School, a CHIS plaque for Mary Renault was dedicated by Dr Ellen O’Gorman, Senior Lecturer in Classics and Director of the Institute for Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition, University of Bristol. She delivered a short talk about the popular author of classical historical novels, who is said to have been President John Kennedy’s favourite novelist. Over tea in the school we were able to look at the display of Renault’s books and her school records provided by the school Librarian.

In most years since 1989 CHIS has put up at least one of its circular, green plaques to let people know an interesting fact about a building. Usually it is that a noteworthy person lived or worked there.

In March 2015 the first Award for Excellence plaque was unveiled at 1, The Avenue. These plaques show appreciation of a fine construction (great or small), an impressive restoration or improvement.

The following table shows the wide range of interesting people who have lived in Bristol 8.

Erected To whom or why Details Where
1989 Randolph Sutton Music Hall Star, was born here in 1888. 29 Anglesea Place
1990 Walter Savage Landor  Poet, lived here (1836-37). Penrose Cottage, Harley Place
1992 Dr W.G Grace Father figure of cricket, lived here (1894-96). 15 Victoria Square
1992 E.H Young Novelist, lived here (1907-18). 2 Saville Place
1995 Conwy Lloyd Morgan Psychologist, First Vice Chancellor University of Bristol, lived here (1886-1903). 14/16 Canynge Road
1996 Hannah More Author, playwright, educationalist lived here (1829-33). 4 Windsor Terrace
1996 Cecil Powell Physicist, Nobel Laureate, lived here (1954-69). 12 Goldney Avenue
1996 Clifton Spa Pump Room Part of the Clifton Grand Spa Hydropathic Institution (opened in 1898). On the side of Avon Gorge Hotel.
1998 John Addington Symonds Poet, critic, historian of the Renaissance, lived here (1865-71) 7 Victoria Square
1998 Samuel Jackson Painter, lived here (1843-69). 8 Canynge Square
2000 Susanna Winkworth & Catherine Winkworth Susanna (Philanthropist)/ Catherine (Hymnologist), lived here (1862-74). 31 Cornwallis Crescent
2000 Sir George Oatley  Architect. Lived here (1902-34). Bishop’s House, Clifton Hill
2002 Paule Vezelay (Marjorie Watson-Williams) First woman abstract artist, lived here (1939-42). 2 Rodney Place
2003 Eliza Walker Dunbar Pioneer doctor, lived here (1882-1925). 9 Oakfield Road
2003 Ellen & Rolinda Sharples Artists, lived here (1821-32). 37 Canynge Road
2004 Gertrude Hermes Wood Engraver & Sculptor, died here (1983). 5 Sion Hill
2004 Sir Henry Newbolt Poet. Clifton College Close
2005 Jeremy Rees Founder of the Arnolfini Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Bristol 20 Canynge Square
November 2005 Sir Fabian Ware Responsible for originating the Imperial (now Commonwealth) War Graves Commission during WWI. Glendower House just off Christchurch Green.
December 2005 Prince Rupert Where Prince Rupert surrendered Bristol to Parliament's army towards the end of the first Civil War. Royal Fort House, University of Bristol
March 2006 Sarah Guppy Inventor and mother of Thomas Guppy. 7 Richmond Hill
September 2006 Thomas Guppy Brunel's friend and investor in the Gt Western ship and the GWR. Son of Sarah Guppy. 8/10 Berkeley Square
2008 Francis Greenway Known as the Father of Australian Architecture. Clifton Club, The Mall
July 2008 Empress Eugenie de Montijo Wife of Napoleon III, she attended school here in1836. 2 Royal York Crescent
June 2009 Hester Lynch Thrale (Piozzi) 18th century diarist died here in 1821. 10 Sion Row
November 2009 William Budd Epidemiologist lived here 1860-1866. 13 Lansdown Place
March 2010 Bust of Samuel Plimsoll A politician and social reformer who devised the Plimsoll Line. Port Quay, Hotwell Road
October 2010 Keith Floyd The site of the flamboyant chef’s Bistro founded in 1971. 112 Princess Victoria Street
June 2011 Edward St John Daniel VC Born here in 1837. Awarded the VC aged 17 in the Crimean War. 1 Windsor Terrace
October 2012 Cecil Powell Physicist, Nobel Laureate, lived here 1946-54. Old Vic Theatre School
May 2012 Memorial seat to Margaret Floyd An active member of the CHIS Committee. Grassy slope above Goldney Hall
May 2012 Sir Archibald Russell BAC Chief Engineer. A designer of Brabazon (1949), Britannia (1952) & Concorde (1969). Glendower House
February 2015 Dr C.R. Burch Scientist and Engineer 11 Percival Road
May 2015 Dorothy Brown Tireless Conservationist who campaigned over 60 years to preserve and improve Bristol’s buildings 6 Buckingham Vale
August 2015 Charles Richardson Originator & Engineer of the Severn Tunnel 10 Berkeley Square
October 2015 William Pennington Master of the Ceremonies of the Hot Well for 30 years 12 Dowry Square
December 2015 James Johnson Fossil collector and early geologist 12 Dowry Parade
May 2016 Eveline Dew Blacker Architect – lived here from 1901 and died here 20 Victoria Square
May 2017 Jeremy (Gem) Marsh Founder of Marcos Sports Car & Racing Driver, born here 1930 Carlton Mansions, Tyndalls Park Road
Aug 2017 William Henry Clayfield Chemist, Botanist, Geologist, Balloonist, lived here 1814-1837 12 York Place
Apr 2020 Dr Beryl Corner (1910–2007) Paediatrician Elton House, Rodney Place
Sep 2020 Angela Carter (1940–1992) Novelist, lived here 1961–1969 38, Royal York Crescent
Dec 2020 Beryl Cook OBE (1926–2008) Artist, lived here 4 years The Coach House, 1A Camp Road
Oct 2021 Mary Renault (1905–1983) Writer, educated here Main gates of Clifton High School

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